Christ Life Clinic – More Than a Conference

Christ Life Clinic

Jesus Christ is the Christian Life. Therefore, the Christian life is not merely a set of doctrines or a set of moral actions. The Christian life is a life – a person – his name is Jesus. When His life is in you, you can live – yet not you, but Christ in you – the Christian life, by faith. This is the Spirit-filled life, the Spirit filling you with the life of Jesus Christ.

The Christ Life Clinic is more than a conference. It is a spiritual clinic where hindrances to spiritual growth may be diagnosed by the Word and the Spirit, and remedies of truth may be applied. The combination of systematic preaching, interactive discussions, prayer seasons, meditation time, and personal counseling – all on a beautiful forty acre setting – provide a real opportunity for the deepening of spiritual life. This clinic is for those longing for personal revival – to experience Christ’s life!

This clinic is for those longing for personal revival – to experience Christ’s life!

We are planning to host the Clinic this year, Monday evening, August 12 through Thursday evening, August 15 at Ann Arbor Baptist Church. Speakers will include:

  1. John R. Van Gelderen (conference host)
  2. Gary Hirth (host pastor)
  3. David O’Gorman (guest pastor)
  4. Matt Barfield (guest evangelist)
  5. Ron Visser (clinic counselor)
  6. Jonathan Beazley (guest evangelist – teen track)

For more information, please click on the conference brochure. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We hope to see you there!

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